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What We Bring to the Job

Solid Academic Credentials

Each member of the team has a post-graduate degree and advanced statistical training. Our love of learning means we haven't stopped there. We read voraciously, are actively involved in professional associations, and regularly attend seminars, workshops, conferences, and webinars.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Each member of the team has at least twenty-five years of successful business, governmental, and community service experience. We have first-hand experience with the day-to-day running of small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. We have conducted research for all these types of organizations and, as managers, implemented the changes the research suggested. Our many years on the client side have taught us what works . . . and what does not.

Incredible Analysis Skills

We have an innate ability to synthesize and refine raw data, combining it with prior experience to identify patterns, solve existing problems, anticipate needs, and forestall future problems.

Strong Communication Skills

We are able to pinpoint the essence and effectively communicate it-on paper and face-to-face-through words and pictures. We are fluent translators and facilitators, bridging the gap between practitioners of various disciplines and their markets, speaking the "voice of the customer" and the industry jargon.

Technological Expertise

Since buying our first personal computer in 1983, we've made a concerted effort to continuously upgrade both our computer skills and tools. It's allowed us to work more efficiently, and help others work more efficiently as well, through teaching what we've learned and using programming skills to automate routine tasks.

Bottom-line Orientation

We bring you clear, relevant, and practical ideas and approaches. Our solutions are well-thought-out. The focus is always on how you can apply what we learn together.

Enthusiasm and Passionate Love of What We Do

This is not just a job; it's a quest. We'd still research and write even if we won the lottery.

At CHLÉIRE CONSULTING we bring information, resources, and imagination together to overcome obstacles and create opportunities!